FAQ - Frequent asked questions

  1. Is a trail session possible?
    You can participate twice tentative and  free of charge. This is the best way, to get to know the other participants, the martial arts Wing Tsun and Sifu Thomas Wystub and make your own impressions.
  2. What should I wear? Is a special trainings-clothing or gear necessary?
    For the first trainings-sessions are no special clothing required.  Just put some comfortable sports gear on and bring some clean Hall shoes. By virtue of the Chinese tradition, black training pants and a white shirt would be perfect. In the trainings session to follow fist protectors, shin protector, Elbow protector, jockstrap and teeth protectors are required. 
  3. When can i start ?
    A start is possible everytime. Special course for beginners will not be offered, because you can learn much faster when you train with experienced classmates and your progress comes much faster.
  4. What is  Wing Tsun?
    Wing Tsun is a direct and effective martial arts. Wing Tsun is practiced by civilians, police unit member, aswell by military- and special forces all over the world.

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